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wooden spoon
Category Title : Ice Cream Wooden Sticks
Description :

wooden spoon which is known for its smooth sidelines and round edges, is one of the most used sticks in ice cream businesses. Ghaem wooden stick industries are the pioneering company in manufacturing these sticks and regarding the company's long history and experienced staff, Been able to provide both domestic and international markets with premium quality wooden spoon.Ghaem has been using an up-to-date production line which makes all the company's products accordant to universal standards.wooden spoon are offered in 10000pcs boxes.


Product Features: 

Size : 75*(11-17)*1.6 mm

Color : Normal

Quantity : 10000 pcs/cartones

price: please text me in whatsapp


You can call Ghaem's sales managers For purchasing wooden spoon. We assure you that you'll receive your order in the least time possible. Prices would be variable according to the quantity of the order.


Pioneering wooden stick and wooden spoon manufacturer in Iran


  Ghaem wooden stick industries is the first to make plain sticks, Magnum sticks, round sticks, Medical and other bulk products in Iran. With more than 3 decades of experience in making wooden products, we've been honored to work with international customers for years. Top-tier products and modern and sanitary machinery are the main reasons Ghaem products are being exported to Middle Eastern and European countries.