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Natural wooden sticks manufacturer

Producing all kinds of hygienic wooden sticks with maximum quality

Up to date machinery

Operating modern and mechanized apparatus

Made from premium materials

Using premium quality Poplar and Russian Woods

Ghaem wooden stick industries

Producing 114, Magnum, and Spiral Sticks with top-notch quality

Ghaem wood industries, produces sticks for both the Medical and Food industries

Ghaem wood industries, produces sticks for both the Medical and Food industries. Ghaem company has been operating since 1979 and is the biggest and the pioneering company making all sorts of wooden products such as 114 sticks, round stick, wooden spoon, Medical stick, Magnum and 95 sticks, third-grade bulk sticks, colored sticks, tree barks, wood straws and sawdust in Iran. All of our products are verified by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran a.k.a. ISIRI.Top-flight quality, variety in shapes and sizes, packaging standards, fast shipping and proper terms of sale have been our advantages to taking over the domestic and international markets.This company's been using advanced machinery and modern technology to provide its customers with diverse products with premium quality.
Products of Ghaemwood Ice Cream stick Manufacturing Company

114 Ice cream sticks

Size : 114*10*2 mm

Color : Normal

Quantity : 10000 pcs/cartones

price: min 3,500,000 rials ~ max 4,500,000 rials


Magnum sticks

Size : 94*(11-17)*2 mm

Color : Normal

Quantity : 10400 pcs/cartons

price: min 7,300,000 rials ~ max 8,300,000 rials 

Medical stick

 Size : 114*15*2 mm

Color : Normal

Quantity : 5000 pcs/cartones

price: min 2,000,000 rials ~ max 3,000,000 rials


wooden spoon

Size : 75*(11-17)*1.6 mm

Color : Normal

Quantity : 10000 pcs/cartones

price: min 8,000,000 rials ~ max 10,000,000,000 rials

Spiral stick

Size : 140*6 mm

Color : Normal

Quantity : 5000 pcs/cartones

price: min 4,000,000 rials ~ max 5,000,000 rials

Mini Magnum

Size : 73*(11-17)*2 mm

Color : Normal

Quantity : 10000 pcs/cartones

price: min 5,000,000 rials ~ max 6,000,000 rials

third grade bulk sticks

 Size : 114*10*2 mm

Color : Normal

Quantity : 800 pcs/kiloes

price: min 20,000 rials ~ max 30,000 rials

Colored sticks

Size : 114*10*2 mm

Color : colored

Quantity : 800 pcs/cartones

price: - rials

Wood barks

price: min 3,000 rials ~ max 5,000 rials


price: min 8,000 rials ~ max 10,000 rials

The wooden cylinder

price: min 10,000 rials ~ max 12,000 rials


price: 10,000 rials

Pioneering wooden stick and wooden spoon manufacturer in Iran


  Ghaem wooden stick industries is the first to make plain sticks, Magnum sticks, round sticks, Medical and other bulk products in Iran. With more than 3 decades of experience in making wooden products, we've been honored to work with international customers for years. Top-tier products and modern and sanitary machinery are the main reasons Ghaem products are being exported to Middle Eastern and European countries.

35 years


10 milion


3000 m2


~8 percent


year 2018


15 countries


250 persons




wooden ice cream stick
Why Ghaem Wood Industries?

Certified by ISIRI

All our products are being made and packaged accordant to International standards

Proper pricing

Ghaem managers always provide the market with top-notch quality products and proper prices

High quality

All products made by sanitary and modern machinery using premium material

variety of products

Ghaem Wood Industries produces a variety of different types of sticks in diverse shames and sizes